Tuesday, November 29, 2011


UGH, who knows! I haven't been sleeping well since Sunday night and it is starting to get to me! This morning Nick got out of bed, walked the dog, showered and I was sleeping so heavily I didn't hear a thing until he said goodbye. Which sadly was my cue to get up and get on my bike. That was after 1 hour of sleep. I have no idea why I am not sleeping but it has to end soon. I am hoping tonight after I teach I just crash.

Well after I managed to peel myself out of bed, I made some coffee and whipped up some blueberry muffins for breakfast. I am in search of a good low fat, high fiber muffin recipes if anyone has any and would like to point me in the right direction to grab the recipe. I used to use Fiber One muffin mix but I can't seem to find it anywhere. So today I settled on blueberry muffins, made some coffee while the baked then ate one fresh out of the oven. Then it was on the bike for 1:40 Zone 1 ride. I actually felt pretty good and it seemed to go fast so I was happy with the whole thing.

The ride was my only planned workout for today so I did some laundry and sat on the couch and banged out some work for the next 8 hours. Now I am sitting waiting for the clock to reach 6:45 so I can head out teach my class and hopefully get some rest tonight.

Tomorrow I have an early swim so I need to get some sleep. Although I guess if I am feeling it I can just float on my back and nap for my allotted swim time tomorrow. I mean at least I will be in the pool. That counts right? I think I may try and get off the comp now and try to take a nap. I have an hour to kill and sleeping may the best use for it.


  1. sorry...nothing worse than no sleep

  2. this is my third night in a row not sleeping as well...im exhausted and might skip my workout tonight :(