Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Week of Cooking and Cleaning Complete...Let the Holiday Season Begin!

Well Happy belated Turkey Day to everyone. If you had a week like mine you spent a few days food shopping, followed by 2 full days of cooking, only to feed 14 people 1 meal and send them all on their way. Nick and I have hosted Thanksgiving for the past 3 years and we love it. But as much as I love it I am happy to sit down and have a glass of wine in the peace and quiet once it is over!

As per our on going Thanksgiving weekend traditions, on Black Friday, we pack up our hiking and drinking gear and head out for a weekend in New Hope, PA. New Hope is for sure an interesting place and it never disappoints. We stay at the Fox and Hound Bed and Breakfast, which is about a half mile outside of town and spend the weekend sampling beers at the brewery, hiking and window shopping. We had a fun night out on Friday and slept in on Saturday, then spent the day walking around on Saturday to be back in bed playing scrabble by 10pm on Saturday night. Yep! We are old, but we are embracing it!

Outside of Thanksgiving prep last week I logged a lot of time on the bike and treadmill. With the longest ride at 2:21 in Zone 1. I also spent some time thinking about next season. Right now I am in the process of training for a March marathon down at the Jersey shore (Anyone want to join me on this one?). Then I plan on doing an April half marathon and then open my tri season with Devilman in May, but other than those I don't have a solid plan yet. I am open to any suggestions! I am hoping to have a plan by December and just continue to try to lose these honeymoon pounds by then.

This week again is just a lot of the same with less cooking. But I will keep you posted if anything exciting happens.

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