Monday, November 28, 2011

What's is my social responsibility here?

After a fun and exciting Sunday of steaming our carpets and buying groceries for the week, we hit the hay nice and early and much like every other Sunday, insomnia crept in and slept about 2 hours. Ah, it was worth a try! When the alarm went off at 5:20 I had been wide awake since 4am, so it made it quite easy to get out of bed and get ready to teach. I got to class and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted with a full, all girls class. It is seldom that it happens but when it does, it seems I can push them all a bit harder than I would the guys and really give them a good Monday morning workout.

After class, I headed out to do my sit ups, which I am not sure if I mentioned I have challenged myself to do 3 sets of 60 sit ups a day, with a plank in between each set for the next 2 months, to see A., if i can do it and B., what I will look like when I am done. So I hit the mat for sit ups and then into the pool for the following set:

6 X (50 fist, 50 free)

Main Set:
6 X 100 aerobic paddles (no buoy8 X 25 all out -- no kick, no buoy -- rest is half of repeat time

200 free at Z1 pace

After the pool, I had had enough so I stretched and headed home.

So now I am sure you are wondering how any of this has to do with my blog title for today. Well, a lot. Now I know anyone who sees me on any given day in the gym, or during my multiple trips to the gym is probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me and thinking I work out too much. Those who know me, know I am constantly training, those who don't would have no clue what my agenda is and could even think maybe something was up with me.

Well at my gym there is a girl who is there 1 hour prior to class on the elliptical, then takes my 45 min class and then hits the treadmill for another hour or so. Now, I have talked to her and she is not training, she is just "working out". This would not be a cause for worry for me except that she weighs about 98 pounds. And having dealt with an eating disorder personally, this is concerning to me. I would say that her arms have the diameter of a clementine orange in some spots and her legs are the same. With all this being said, it makes me wonder, as a business, that works to help people maintain a "healthy" frame of mind, is there a sense of responsibility there? Can anyone even say anything in this situation?

To be completely honest I have no idea what the answer is, but since I met this girl about a year ago, I have watched the situation and thought something is wrong here. I worry that one morning she will pass out during my class or hurt herself because she looks so tired. But what can I do? I do not believe much in this situation, which is kind of sad.

A little deep for a Monday post? Maybe. But this morning in particular I couldn't stop thinking about it. One can only hope someone will step up and help her out.

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