Thursday, February 3, 2011

I Think I am in Need of a Refresher Course

So with my first race coming up this Sunday, I started thinking about the usual stuff. You know, like what time do I need to get there, what should I eat that morning, what is my warm up and I realized I don't remember any of it! I am going to have to have Coach P debrief me a bit before 9am this Sunday. The good thing is that I checked the weather and we are going to hit a balmy 40 degrees! The last time I did this race it was around 15-20 degrees and instead of warming up I spent the 30 minutes leading up to the race hiding in a port-o-john trying to stay warm and listening to the announcer heckle all those participating in the longest football throw competition. Maybe this year I will try to be a little tougher and hang out in the large packs of people at the start with some hand warmers. Doesn't sound real tough when I read it back to myself.

Yesterday I continued with my running experiment, now known as fitness, and got the gym at 6:15am for my 1:05 Z1 run. Now let me tell you that I deserve an award for getting there in the first place. I woke up to about 3 inches of ice on the ground and had to basically ice skate to the gym. About a block into my walk I decided that walking down the center of the street was the safest way to get there and get there I did! So back to the run. I set out and again was not seeing my HR rise that much, although a tiny bit more than my last run. I read my trashy celeb gossip magazine periodically speeding up the treadmill and checking my Garmin. I finished and checked my speed, 9:44 min/miles! I think this could be the real deal people and I am pretty excited about it.

Now let's see how this pans out on Sunday. I am only worried because I haven't run outside in FOREVER, so I can't imagine the world of hurt I am going to be in! But it doesn't have to be my best race, just my first one back.

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