Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Much Needed Day Off

Now don't get confused by the title, that was in no way in reference to training. That was just the break I got from my normal job. Now mind you, even with the day off I still had to get up and teach at 6am, but at least I got to come home and go right back to sleep.

This weekend was quite a weekend in terms of training. On Saturday, I got up and got on the trainer for a nice 3+ hour ride. I spent my time reading the new Bicycling magazine, and watched a 30 Rock dvd. But let me tell you, my legs were shot. I am not sure if it was from spinning class on Friday night or what, but about 1:15 into the ride, I felt like I had to be close to done, and that was the way it went for the rest of the ride. Once off the bike, I made the executive decision to skip my 35minute recovery run I had. Something was not right and I didn't want to push it. So instead I took a shower and got back into bed for a little while.

Sunday, I got up early again and began my 1:35 Tabata drill ride. I had 20 minutes in Zone R, then 8 drills the the rest of the time in Zone R. Then I headed out for my frist transition run of the season. I deciced I would just run outside, although windy the sun was out and I figured it was about time to brave the cold and just run. I headed down towards the waterfront at a 9:43 pace and did a full loop of the city before turning back to the house. On my run back to the house I realized that all of my thoughts were based on food, so when I got back we ate some burritos and watched a little tv. Once digested I headed over to the gym for my 2nd 41 minute run. After that I was ready to go to bed again!

I finished off my long weekend with some lifting on Monday and I am happy to say that I can walk today. The first round of this lifting segment left me hobbling for 4days and today I was good to go at 6am when I started out on my 60 minute Zone 1 run.

So that only leaves a quick 30 minute swim and a spin class to teach tonight. But at least there is a short work week ahead!

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