Friday, February 11, 2011

Sunday Here I Come

So this week was a light week with another race planned for Sunday. There has been some major progress this week. I lost 3 pounds! That puts me back to my lowest weight while training since 2 years ago. And I am psyched! I think it has a lot to do with my eating choices and the fact that I am not trying to reach calorie and protein goals all the time and stuffing myself just to do it. I think I found the way to do it and I am going to stick to the current plan.

Recovery from last week's race took a few days. Up until yesterday my legs still felt like lead. But today I turned the corner and I am ready for Sunday. Except for the fact that today I used my paddles while swimming and they kicked my ass. So I may not be able to use my arms much on Sunday but hey, with all this paddle work I might not have to work too hard to get my arms ready for the wedding!

So now I am in search of a 5k for Sunday. Being part of the NYRR makes it hard to ever really find 5k's. NYRR does a ton of races but they are mostly 4 mile races and it is seldom that they do races back to back. And all other races in the area really don't' start until April or May, so I might get stuck doing some mile repeats instead.

Either way I am ready to go! I am totally motivated right now and I am really enjoying my training. So I will hold onto this feeling while it lasts! Happy Friday!

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