Monday, February 14, 2011

Who Is This Girl? And Where Did Jessica Go?

This weekend was a great slow weekend with Saturday off. Can't lie, I do love a Saturday of sleeping in and only having to think about working out as opposed to actually working out. I was prepping for Sunday race simulation, as I wasn't able to find a 5k in my area. At around 8pm Coach P sent over the prescribed run, 4 miles, run the first one at 7:45 and then see how you feel for the other 3. And I got 90 seconds rest in between each. Well my first thought was, see how I feel? Am I going to feel anything when I am passed out on the gym floor after 5/10's of a mile? Seriously, that first 7:45 would be my fastest mile I have ever run. Like as in, my entire life ever.

On Sunday I got up and began procrastinating. Having seen my stress levels on the rise the past few weeks Nick had booked me a massage appt at 1:30, so I knew I had a bit of a deadline but going to bed at 9pm on a Saturday creates for an early Sunday morning and ample time to waste time. Once I realized I had no choice I headed over the sports club. The whole way there I can admit I was a bit nervous. I figured I could hold onto a 7:45 to start only because I wouldn't allow myself to shoot off the back of the treadmill if I couldn't keep up, but any longer than that would be a challenge. I got there, waited on line for a treadmill and it was time to run.

Now apparently the treadmill goes from 7:41 to 7:48, so I had to pick 7:41 to start. I banged out the first mile without a problem and didn't really feel like the 90 seconds was really need. I got 3/4 through the 2nd one at 7:41, started to feel tired, but pushed myself to finish. By the third I figured I might as well try it again, but this time at around 5:30 minutes, I started to really feel it. I literally felt like I didn't know how to breathe. Like I had forgotten all together. After mile 3 I really needed the 90 seconds or maybe a few hours. I wanted to try to see if I could push myself for mile 4. I wanted to force myself out of my comfort zone, and so I started at 7:41 and said I would allow myself to drop the speed after .5 miles. I made it quite far before needing to do that and ended up with a 7:46 to finish. So that was 3 miles at 7:41 and 1 at 7:46, which is crazy to me.

I finished up weak legged and red faced and began my walk home with Nick. As we were walking I think I was able to sum it up perfectly. I said to Nick, "I am not sure who the hell I think I am lately with the times that I am achieving but I sure as hell hope this girl continues to show up when I race." So let's see if she sticks around.

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