Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Just Breathe

One thing I have noticed about myself lately, is that I need to find a way or method of relaxation. I feel as though I have turned into an entirely too high strung person. I know, I have a lot going on with my dad's cancer, my friend's baby who is very ill and all the planning I have been doing, but still I need to calm down. Usually I am able to use exercising as my outlet, but lately I find myself just looking for another work out to do when I have free time. Instead of enjoying it, I am just trying to log the time. So now I am in need of a release.

A perfect example of the person I am becoming can be seen in my Monday morning. This weekend I realized that my stress rash that I tend to get on my face as a result of stress and anxiety has resurfaced. It has been years since this happened and it really only shows up physically as dry skin, but when it is there, I know it is there. All I want to do is scratch my face off. So after realizing it was back, I made an appt to see the dermatologist first thing in the morning.

Now here is where my good friend irony joins the story. I give myself about an hour to get to my 8:15am appt knowing that there will be traffic. Little did I know just how much there would be. By 8am I still have about 30 minutes to go and in true Jessica fashion, here comes the stress. So here I am totally stressed about making it to my appointment on time to get my rash cleared up that shows up in the first place as a result of stress! Once realizing the irony of the situation I was able to chuckle a bit, but not first without a minor meltdown.

I thought this morning's swim would help, but alas, all I could think about was the next workout and my day ahead of me. As far as other workouts this week, I am recovering a bit, so not much to report on that end. I think I work my way back into Zone 1 tomorrow, and my legs are just about ready to get started again.

But for now I need to figure out how to "just breathe" a bit. But I promise I won't stress out if I can't find the answer right away!

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