Tuesday, April 13, 2010


It is finally happening! I am losing weight. I got on the scale today and closed my eyes and thought please let it be a good day! And it was! I lost about 4 pounds in 2 weeks! I am very excited. And this can only mean that my body is now officially in losing mode. Sign me up! I am about 4 lbs away from last years’ weight and need to get rid of a bit more to hit the goal weight. Buuuut, I have more time to do it!

Ok, now that I am done doing the Snoopy Happy Dance, let’s recap on this past week! I was actually away in NOLA for a few days on business, got back, had one day tired day of work and then headed right to Baltimore for an Orioles game with some friends. So I haven’t been home and let’s just say the work outs have been minimal, but I had a nice time and it is always good to get that out of the way before the bulk of race season kicks into gear, that’s for sure.

So this week so far has consisted of the usually 2 spins classes and a recovery swim. Just a quick 30 min swim, which was nice. I actually decided to do my own swim since I sometimes get a bit bored just swimming lap after lap, so I alternated 200 pull with 200 free until the 30 minutes were up and it helped to make the time fly.

Today, which is almost my last day at my job, I am going out to lunch with a friend and then off to the gym for a 1:20 Z1 run I missed on Sunday. I am interested in seeing how my body feels in the new Zones. Then tonight I have 1 hour of Under/Over’s on the bike followed by a Z1/Z2 T ride, with the first mile in Z2. Then I will collapse!

Tomorrow is my last day at my current position and then I have Thursday and Friday off to relax and get a few things done before I start the new job on Monday. I am very excited for the new changes in my life and I can’t wait to see where this next phase will take me! Now it is off for some Mexican food!

Here are some fun photos of Camden Yards:

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