Thursday, April 22, 2010

Takin it eaaasy, Takin it eaaaaasy...

So Thursday is here and I just got out of work and I can't seem to get myself to do another work out! Yesterday, I again attempted the 4:40am wake up for my 2:10 Z1/Z2 run that I had to make up and alas, I couldn't get my tired ass out of bed, so I pushed it until after work. Now, usually when I do that, it means that I will again push to the following morning, but last night I made it happen. I ran 30 min on a treadmill while waiting for my running partner then heading out for a 1:40 run up the Hudson River. So I ended up at about 12.2 miles with a heart rate of 166, which is 1 over the top of Z1 for me, so I was happy. And then I headed home for a fantastic pasta dish, of fresh linguine, asparagus, artichokes, ham in a lite cheese sauce. And I know lite cheese sauce sounds like an oxymoron, but the bf actually made it with margarine and skim milk, so I am calling it lite. That's my story and I am sticking to it!

This morning started at 5:25am because, me, not thinking, agreed to sub a 45 min sculpting class. Well I got the gym around 6am and I only had one student! At least I didn't get no-showed, right? After teaching I hopped in the pool for a 30 min steady swim and then hit the steam room before going to work.

Now I have a really quick ride and run planned for tonight, but honestly between last night and this morning, I am beat! So instead I will head to a friends house for some tuna steaks and vino!

Try not to be too jealous! ;-)

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