Monday, April 26, 2010

Why does this week feel so long?

Friday's post take two...I posted this on Friday and then came back today and it was gone, so here is Friday's post


So I think it is because of the new job, but really this week has taken FOREVER! But thank god Friday is here. And I plan on doing nothing this weekend! And by nothing, I mean I am going to go shopping and run the More Half Marathon. So really the nothing means that I am not training on Saturday like I normally do. But I plan on subbing in some hardcore clothes shopping for new work clothes, in lieu of my weekly long ride. Score!

Last night was a great idea. Tuna steaks, sauteed spinach and mushrooms and some wine spritzers. A perfect way to relax, but now I am tired! As in I am trying my hardest to not sleep at my keyboard right now. So tonight is going to be nice and lowkey. Just me, the pooch and some sushi. But first I need to get in a 30 min swim, some biking and running and a grocery trip to pick up my stuff-your-face pre race day. Then I am planting myself on the couch and hell, I may even just sleep there!

Well that is it for me for this week. All in all, the week was a success! Now let's hope for some PRs this weekend!

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