Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Let the Vacation Begin

So today as of 2pm I am no longer employed at my former place of work. It is just such a weird feeling. To be sitting here and not worrying about tomorrow or the next day! So I have the rest of the week off to hang out and then I start my new gig on Monday.

So seeing it was my last day, I decided to sleep in, and by sleep in, I mean I stayed in bed until 5 minutes before I usually leave my house, got up and dressed, sans shower (don't judge me!) and went to work. While I was there I beat my high score on Bejeweled Blitz and totally cleaned out my inbox. Then the whole team headed to Rosa Mexicana for my farewell lunch. And then, I skipped home. For real!

Once home, since it is gorgeous out, I decided to go get my swim out of the way. I decided to switch up for the shorter swim I would have to do on Friday because I wanted to get home and read on the patio before taking a 2nd stab at my bike drills. See the problem is, all this week, my blood sugar seems to be getting super low either before or during a workout and it takes food and about 20 minutes for it to go back to normal. Strange right? If anyone has any thoughts on that let me know.

So here is how the swim went:

900 continuous @ TT+10 sec
Main Set:
10 X (Best sustainable repeats of: 100,on TT+10 sec)
3 X 200 pull on TT+10 sec swam at TT+5 sec

It was a speed set and I was able to maintain the same speed for all 100's but lost it a bit on the last 200. But all in all I am feeling good in the pool.

Then it was home to read on the patio with the pooch, eat some cheez-its and now I am going to hop on the bike and try again.

Well have a great night and enjoy the weather while it lasts!

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