Monday, April 26, 2010

PR's and Sliced Fingers

So this weekend was a success. Although I got up on Sunday to pouring rain and the overwhelming urge to just hide under the covers in the dark and sleep forever, I got up and started the pre race poop inducing diet. I rolled out of bed and began food prep. I had 2.5 cups of unsweetened apple sauce, 1 protein shake, 1 banana and a powerbar endurance drink. And it did the trick. Then I headed out to pick up a friend and head to the city for the race.

As soon as we started driving the rain started really coming down. By the time we got the city it was around 47 degrees and coming down hard. Now, because I don't run in the rain, well basically ever, I don't have any rain gear, so I just went with shorts, running tank and a spandex type pull over. I also found a nice rain poncho that I picked up at my last race, so I was able to keep somewhat dry before the race started. But that all went to shit once the gun went off. So off I went.

I was feeling pretty good and by mile 6 I stopped being pissed about the rain and decided to just accept that it was going to be a wet cold 13.2 miles. By mile 8 I knew I was moving above pace, but I also know how my body reacts to 2 laps around central park, by the time I hit the "Big Bend" a second time I feel it. But this time I didn't. I think I was so cold and so wet that all I wanted was to finish as fast as possible. So I kept on trucking. Once I hit mile 11 I started to take off a bit but reminded myself how the wheels almost fell off halfway through mile 12 when I did that. So I reigned it back in for a bit.

At mile 12 I decided why the hell not, and picked it up. I had to stop right before mile 12 to tie my shoe so I figured it was ok to move it a bit for the remaining 1.2 miles. And I did it! I crossed the finish line at 1:56:31, that is approx 4 minutes faster than my half marathon at the end of January, so a Sunday success for sure!!

After the race I came home, soaked in a hot shower and then planted myself on the couch for a nice afternoon nap.

This morning, I got up to some tight leg, but surprisingly not as bad as they normally are. After a recovery swim and 1.5 hours of spin, I am back on the couch and ready to call it a night.

As for the sliced finger, today I decided that in my chicken fajita salad, I needed fresh salsa, so before spin I decided to cut up the tomatoes for the salsa. Now as I was slicing the tomatoes I thought to myself "I have to watch when I get to the end piece of each tomato, that the knife doesn't slip on the skin and end up in my finger". Well 3 tomatoes in, exactly that happened. And the weirdest part is that I could see it happening in slow motion but I didn't move my finger. So now I have a bum pointer finger and has a distinct pulse in it. What a spaz, right? Oh well, nothing a little cap nap won't cure. Off to doze....

I hope you all had great Mondays!!

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