Saturday, April 3, 2010

10k Saturday

So I made it through the week! And now I can share my good news! I got a new job! Woo hooooo! I gave notice on Thursday and will start on April 19th. What a relief! So there, that is my secret!

Onto some training news. I tried to stay off my foot most of the week. It was a light week anyway so I figured I could make that kind of executive decision and I did! So seeing that yesterday I had the day off, I took the entire morning to do some spring cleaning around this place and then hit the treadmill and pool. They were super short workouts, but they did the trick and were a good test for my foot. I am feeling ok but I think I am still going to try to be on the safe side and head to the orthopedic dr next week as well.

So today is the Scotland Run 10k. I am a bit tired right now, but I still have a good hour and a half until race time. I have a pace goal of 8:50 miles for the entire race, I think it is doable, I am just hoping this week off hasn't screwed me! It's time to test my limits! I will check back in at the end of the weekend.

I am off to enjoy the beautiful weather, I hope you do too!

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