Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Looked at My Work Out Schedule and it Said Tuesday -- Rest....

....and I almost passed out! Rest? Really? Fantastic! I didn't want to work out today anyway! Actually I decided to pass on working out the past couple of days. My foot has been worse than ever and now it is time to figure it out before it takes me out of the game. In terms of this weekend, I attempted a freezing cold Saturday 50 miler, but once the pain started, I turned around and headed to the gym instead. I was actually able to complete some bike drills that I was supposed to do on Sunday and get in a short run before it started to hurt again. I took Sunday as a day of rest and headed out for a massage on Monday. Monday was the first day in 2 years that I had to cancel my spin class, kind of made me upset but I got over it and scheduled for someone to cover my pm class so I could continue to rest and get a massage.

So now I am rubbed down and ordered a day of rest. What a life! I am going to take that to heart and just sit on the couch tonight, all night, and watch some TV. Then it is back to the grindstone. I am trying to get an appointment with my orthopedic dude this week because I am racing a 10k on Saturday and hope to do a quick 40 miler on Sunday on the bike before I bring half the world home with me for Easter at my parents house.

I am hoping for some good news this week, so I will keep you all posted. In the mean time, if you live anywhere in the New York/New Jersey area, try to stay dry and enjoy the rest of your Tuesday. And if you are located anywhere where it is Sunny right now, I don't want to hear it!

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  1. NY will have perfect weather this weekend. I guarantee it. (the reality is that I hate riding in the rain and have rides scheduled for Fri and Sat so it better, better not rain).

    Feel better.