Saturday, March 13, 2010

Holy crap it is freezing out!

So it is Saturday and I should sleep in right? WRONG!!! Not according to my dog's standards. So I got up at 7am. That is earlier than I get up for work some days! But who can argue with a little orange pitbull that literally rules your life? Not I! I need a Dog Whisperer intervention in this house. Regardless I got up, walked and fed the dog and guess what? That little bitch went right back to sleep!

So with everyone all snuggled up and sleep I decide that I should just get started on the workouts. So I put on my suit, grabbed my bag and headed to the pool. Only, who knew it was freezing out? I was wearing capri running pants and hoodie and freezing. It is a damn good thing I didn't get all crazy and motivated last night and shave my legs, or my calves would have gotten frost bite! But enough of that it was to the pool for a Resistance work out. Oh how I hate my paddles, but I just had to ignore the pain and go for it. Today's pool workout looked like this:

500 continuous @ TT+10

Main Set:
4 X ((3 X 100 all out with paddles (no buoy) on TT + 10 sec), 200 easy pull (buoy, no paddles))
2 X 200 Pull on TT+10 swam at TT+5

I love that the main set looks like some hideous algebraic equation! I actually had to write it out and add up the meters to make sure I did it right. Give me a little break on that it was 7am.

Then I booked it back to my house for a bowl of cereal and some tabata Intervals on the bike. After 45 minutes of that, I am carb loading with some low fat cheez-its and then it is back to the gym for my 1:15 Z1/Z2 run.

I think after that I may have to do something non workout related. Sounds crazy right?

Tomorrow is a 3:45 brick and then off to the parents house for some corned beef and cabbage to celebrate that 25% of Irish we all have in us. (Go ahead I left that one open for a few jokes, take it and run!)

Have a wonderful rest of the weekend and stay warm!

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