Thursday, March 11, 2010

Who the hell names these workouts?

Miles of Misery, need I say more? I woke up at 5:20am on Wednesday morning to complete the Miles of Misery work out. Nothing like getting yourself motivated, right? But there is no lie in the title, they are miles upon miles of total misery. So my 1st wrong move, only eating 2 fig newtons before I left for the pool, low blood sugar and swimming, not a nice combo. My 2nd wrong move, drinking too much coffee before the swim and having to take a few potty breaks during my swim. My 3rd and final wrong move, getting so tired during the first mile that I tried to breathe underwater! HUH? Right, I opened my mouth and took a nice big gulp of water into my lungs! So maybe I didn't have enough coffee and my 2nd wrong move should have been to drink even more coffee. Who knows!?

So here is what it looked like:

2 X (50 kick/50 fist/50 free/50 pull/50 no kick)
4 X 50 no kick (speed dictated by need to stay afloat), 10 seconds between sets.

Main Set:
2 x 1600 at sustainable best effort (2 minutes between sets). **Record time for each....combine time for score, make sure the second one is NOT slower than the first**

2 X 100 easy as 50 fist, 50 free. 5 breaths rest in between sets
1 X 100 easy kick

Fun huh? I got home, was wired and by the time it hit 5:30 I could hardly keep my eyes open!

So this morning, I slept in! I decided I would work out during lunch and tonight. So at lunch I set in for a tempo ride, 20 min Z1, 2x(20 min Z2, 5 min Z1), 20 min Z1. It wasn't too bad and I think I should be ok to get in another ride tonight.

But to be honest I am a bit bummed. I am trying so hard to stay on track and I am not losing a pound! Then I get all down on that and perk myself up with some wine! FAIL! So it is a lose/lose, or actually more appropriately a gain/gain! What to do, what to do? I guess just keep on truckin' right? Something has to happen at some point!

Now to just finish up the day and head home for a quick brick!

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