Friday, March 26, 2010

Mama Said There’d Be Days Like This….

But she didn’t mention anything about weeks like this to be honest! Sorry I have been MIA, this week has been incredibly stressful. In every part of my life there has been at least a little bit of stress. I know, I know, pity party for one please. But I need to vent.

So that pain in my foot has now become a pain in my foot and a dull shooting pain up the side of my calf. (Can you have a dull shooting pain? Doesn’t sound right, but you get what I am saying!) I had to wear heels the other day, and much like everything in life I also take heels to the extreme. So when I say I wore heels I wore, 4 inch stilettos. Apparently having my foot at that angle, irritated whatever is going on in my foot and made it move up my leg. So coach is saying get a massage to fix it and hopefully that will work. Don’t mind if I do!

Then there is all the other things, going on, which I don’t want to mention quite yet, but just keep your fingers crossed for me and send me some good vibes for a few days!

So with the foot and the other business, working out has been pushed to the wayside. The good thing is though that I have only missed 1 swim, 1 ride and 1 run, which I am going to try to make up today. Then I will be all set for the weekend. Speaking of the weekend, we are supposed to get a little bit of sun on Saturday, which will be a nice break from the clouds and possible snow (WTF?) today. So the plan is to have a few people over in the morning for the pre-ride pancakes, this weekend will be whole wheat banana walnut, and then head out around 8am for Piermont. I am hoping this time the hills won’t make me want to lie down in the center of the road to catch my breath. But it should be fun regardless. I enjoyed it so much last week it has been all I have been looking forward to this week.

On another note, I think I decided this morning, that I am going to do a two week detox. I feel like I haven’t done one in a long time, so it can’t hurt to do it. It would just mean cutting out the wine and weekend drinking. And I figure since it is not that nice out, I won’t feel like I am missing out on too much. I would love to do a cleanse in addition to that but my nutritionist informed me that I can’t do one because I can’t cut my workouts down enough for it not to be disastrous on my stomach. So I will just go for the alcohol detox. C'est la vie!

Welp, I think that is all for me for today. Have a wonderful Friday everyone and I will try to check in, maybe even with some good news, this weekend!

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