Sunday, March 21, 2010

Outdoor Rides and BBQs

What a beautiful weekend! And a totally productive one as well. Saturday morning came quick and with it came the 70 degree weather. I got up made some whole wheat chocolate chip pancakes, some eggs and headed out on my first outdoor ride of the season. I had never done this route before so I had a friend join to show me the way. The ride was a 50 mile (there and back) trek Piermont, NY. There is nothing like your first big climb of the season to make you feel totally out of shape. We actually had to stop at the top to catch our breath! Is that bad? Well maybe, but it will be easier next time, I hope.

The best part was being outside in shorts and a tank top. The route is a commonly traveled bike route and we were in the company of others who were out to enjoy the weather. Once in Piermont, which I must say is like a biker mecca, we stopped for a cliff bar and some more gatorade and then got back on the road. All in all, the trip took us about 4 hours with a few stops on the way. Once back we headed out on a 35 min T run, then it was time to BBQ. It transitioned into quite a long night but it was fun and a nice reward after working so hard.

Today I have to get back on the bike for some drills for 45 min and get in two runs. The getting back on the bike part is the part I am dreading, well actually it is more that my ass is dreading it. I would love to go outside again, but I am not sure my skin can take that much sun again! I think I might also head to the pool for a bit, so I can swim and get in a steam. Then food shopping and planning for the week. Let's hope this week is a fast one!

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