Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I can’t stand the Rain….

The famous words of Missy Elliot can pretty much sum up the past 2 days for me! I knew it was inevitable with all that nice weather this weekend, but I still get disappointed! It is just the idea of having to walk to work in the rain that gets me. Wet pants and shoes are enough to set me off in a bad way before I even turn on my computer! I am lucky that I can take off my socks and shoes and walk around barefoot in my office to let them dry but no such luck with the pants. Maybe someday….Watch world, you may come into my office to talk to me one day and find me sitting there in my button down and underwear al la Risky Business typing away at my desk! But I digress.

Training this week is basically the same as last. Yesterday I taught my two spin classes and threw in a 40 min run and a 1 hour swim. Needless to say by 9pm, I was juuuuust about unconscious. But lucky me, there was a thunderstorm on its way. And a thunderstorm in my house = no sleep. The pooch paces around our bedroom whining and barking and therefore no one sleeps and the best part is that there seems to be no way to calm her down. She thinks the thunder and lightening and here to get us and the only way to stop it and keep us safe is to bark ferociously for hours upon end. . If anyone has any suggestions on how to calm her, please pass them along because at this point, I will try anything.

So without any sleep, me and my tired legs got up and trekked it to work hoping off the rain, which seemed to work. But upon grabbing my salad at lunch, it doesn’t look like it is going to stay that way for long. Oh well!

Tonight I have a 2 hour speed set on the bike, along with a 25 minute T run, with the first mile in Zone 2. This will be completed only if my afternoon meetings don’t last too long. I got a few good things in the hopper regarding work, so sometimes giving up the evening work out is allowed. Then tomorrow it is off to the pool for some sort of treacherously named drill set.

Have a great rest of the day and hopefully tomorrow we will be singing a sunnier tune!

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