Thursday, March 4, 2010

What's worse than the Monster Swim, you ask?

Well it actually doesn't have a name but it is the Monster set plus 45 min! Leaving me in the water for about 2 hours. Yup two hours! That is four episodes of Americas Funniest Home Videos or 2 episodes of Lost! Ok, let's take a few steps back first and talk about Tuesday.

Tuesday I decided to be a team player and sub a spin class at 7:30pm. Since it is my recovery week and I didn't have a huge workout planned I figured why not. So I got there about 40 min early to get in my 20 min recovery swim. And for the first time ever at this gym I had to circle! Now honestly, I don't mind circling only because it gives me a reason to swim faster, ultimately because I am being chased, so that wasn't the problem. The problem was the speed of my partner. Now I got in the fast lane when I got there, only because, the medium lane was moving slow and the person is the slow lane might as well have been doing dead man's float, so I thought I am going to definitely go faster then these people so fast lane it is. So when I was joined by another swimmer I figured he too would be like me, not super fast, but at least alive enough to move. Little did I know, that he should have asked the dead man's float lady if he could draft off of her for his swim.

Within three laps I was on his tail and then he would wait and let me go and then it would be the same thing again. Now I don't mind if a person is a slow swimmer, because when I started swimming 3 years ago, I was that guy, but I didn't ever venture into the fast lane and ask someone to circle! UGH!

But I digress, so after my recovery swim it was off to spin, then dinner and straight to bed. Wednesday morning came with a 5:20am wake up call and the Monster set of your nightmares. So I grabbed my suit, walked the pooch and headed to the pool. So the set looked like this:

o Pull 1000,
o 9 X 100
o 4 X 200 Paddles,
o 7 X 100 <== right around here I thought I was going to die.
o Pull 600
o 5 X 100
o 2 X 200 Paddles <==== right around here I thought my right arm might fall off

I was supposed to do this on TT pace + 10 seconds. So that worked out ok up until the last set of 100's and 200's. That is around the time I contemplated getting out of the pool then guilted myself out of it. But, I actually improved on my average for both by 3-4 seconds from last week which was good, but boy did I feel like dying afterwards.

So today, I am flying out to Indiana for an all girls college reunion. I was supposed to hill bound and tempo ride today but I am going to have to push it until tomorrow because I will be on a plane tonight when I would normally work out. But I am looking forward to running the hills on campus in Bloomington tomorrow. I will be there all weekend and since I do not have a bike there I will spend most of my workout time running, but I think I may leave the HR monitor behind for a weekend and just have fun! And maybe on Sunday I will have some good pics to post. Have a great weekend and happy training!

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