Monday, April 19, 2010

Today I Am The New Kid

So today is the first day of the new job, I am the new kid at school. As we all know, this can go one of two ways. Everyone likes the new kid because they are new and no one knows whether they really are cool or not, so everyone assumes they are cool. Or everyone decides that there is no way the new kid is cool and dislikes them right off the bat. I am hoping that they can sense my coolness when I walk in the door, so it will be smooth sailing from then on! We shall see.

Now, let me catch you up on my week. On Wednesday after my final lunch with my former co workers, I headed home and got in a ridiculously cloudy pool and did about 50 minutes of speed work, headed home and got on the bike for some over/unders, then took the pooch for a nice long walk to meet the bf at the soccer fields and then home for dinner. On Thursday, although I wanted to sleep in, I got up at 9am for some Running over/unders. Now this was really the first week I got to test drive my new HR zones. I am not sure if it was because I was inside, but I didn't get to go much faster. I am going to test them outdoors tomorrow and see what's up! Then I headed home, grabbed the pooch and off we went for another walk. She is getting so much better at focusing on walking!

Friday was a day to shop! And shop we did. We picked up a wine bar from West Elm, then went over to Crate and Barrel to buy some things to decorate it, think pitchers, martini glasses and a shaker. The we hit up Home Depot for new tiki torches, a hanging basket of pansies and some tomato plants. All in all a very successful, yet expensive trip!

Saturday morning, it was time to buckle down. I headed out around 6:30am for my 6 hour bike ride. I rode about 4 hours outside with a friend then came back and got on the trainer for another two, then completed my 35min ZR T run. And let me tell you, I was tired. And for the first time, during my work out I was consistently hungry. I ate a peanut butter sandwich before I started a powerbar during, a south beach bar when I got back and got on the trainer and then I inhaled the rest of my turkey sandwich when I was done, only to still be hungry enough to eat a chicken sandwich about an hour later! I guess almost 7 hours will do that to you!

That about sums up my weekend, today is a spin/ swim day and then I start to slow it down for my half marathon this weekend! Now, I have to get ready for my first day!

Have a great Monday and fingers crossed that they think I am a cool kid!

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