Monday, April 5, 2010

I will take that PR With a Side of Stiff Quads and Sore Hamstrings!

Saturday was quite the race day! I got to registration about an hour before the start, got my number and took a seat on a bench near the port-o-juans. I figured, why not? I would probably spend most of the hour in one anyway! So about 20 min before the start I dropped off my bag and started my jog to the start. It was quite the festive race. Because it was the Scotland Run everyone was donning kilts and all other Scottish garb. I personally went for an all black ensemble with my fancy black sneakers! Seriously, they look like I should be part of some Jazz dance troupe!

So around 10am the race began, 1 loop around central park, which meant 1 fight with the Big Bend in 75 degree weather (I so did not prepare for that!). So off I went, and within about ten minutes I realized just how dehydrated I was. There was no saliva in my mouth at all to the point where at mile three I tried to eat some blocks and I couldn't keep a whole one in my mouth because I couldn't swallow! But I had to keep going. Coach's plan was to go out at 8:45 and settle into an 8:50 pace. When I hit mile two at just under 17:00 I knew that that was no longer my plan. So I kept on going, climbing and quickly short stepping down the hills. At one point I thought it might be time to slow down, so I did, or at least I thought I did. I kept thinking "Man it feels good to slow down", but then I would check my watch and see that I was going faster!

By mile 5 I actually felt great, dehydrated, but great. So I kept on pushing. As I hit mile 6 my breathing was so screwy that I involuntarily starting grunting while running. Now that is a new one for me, but then I saw the finish, passed the last two people in front of me, for posterity of course! And finished feeling like my lungs could burst right out of my chest at 52:08. That is 8:24 miles (sorry coach!).

And now my legs are making me pay! And funny thing, my coach is too! Since I am racing way faster this year and above my avg Zone 1 HR, my coach decided to bring my training heart rates up, so everything will be a bit harder from here on out! Although not fun, it will be worth it if I can get faster!

Other than that, the rest of the weekend was not so crazy. I went to my parents for the annual Easter Egg Hunt, yes we still have one even though all of the kids in the family are over 25 years old! And then we had dinner, some wine and good conversation. We headed back early to take the dog for a walk and then it was off to bed.

Today is the usual 6am spin, 6pm swim and 7:30 spin. I also threw in a 20 min run with the pup as well to get her more used to being outside now that it is getting nice out. And then tomorrow it is off to NOLA for my last business trip with this company. I will be there until Thursday but will try to keep this updated.

Have a Happy Monday!

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