Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don’t tell anyone…But I Think I Should Just Move Here….

So here I am. My second day working on the West Coast, and you know what, although I miss my boyfriend and dog, I think I could do this for a while! I love it here. Ok there, I said it! I absolutely love it! I don’t even mind driving to work. Although don’t tell anyone, I have been abusing the rental car a bit, but it’s not my fault it sits so low to the ground that I feel like a race car driver. So I just go with it. And why shouldn’t I?

So yesterday, I left the office, had a snack of hummus on crackers (Trader Joes Tomato and Basil Hummus, one word: Orgasmic) and then headed to the pool. And here is another reason I love this place. Outdoor heated pools! I mean come on! Ok, I will stop. So I hit the pool for a quick 1 hour swim that consisted of:

900 warm up on TT +10 sec.
10 x 100 at BSE
3 x 200 Pull

So the warm up was great, then I headed into the 100 repeats. I got to 5 consistently on 1:38 and then my foot started to cramp along with my Achilles. Every time I pushed off the wall my right Achilles fought back. So after starting my 6th 100, I stopped swam back to the side, and decided to stretch and thrown 1 of the 200 Pulls in there just to give my legs a break. Well it turns out I had to do that for every 2 repeats I did. I not sure what the issue was. Maybe I was a bit dehydrated or not warmed up enough, but dang, did it hurt!

Here is a photo of the sweet pool I was in:

Then I drove around for about an hour looking for food. As you know, I had eaten sushi the night before, so although an option, I didn’t want to go back to the same place. So I drove around for a while. I ended up in San Antonio or something like that after driving around for about 45 minutes and still hadn’t found anything I was interested in. All I could see was Chinese, Indian and Mexican all over. So I turned around to head back and found a different sushi place about 5 min from my hotel. It ended up being fantastic. Probably some of the best sushi that I have had in a very long time. Success! Then I headed home for some eating and TV and off to bed.

Tonight I heading to another local pool for some TT swimming. Then home for a nice long run. Then I plan on eating my leftovers and heading to bed early again. I am looking forward to weekend of exploring, riding and eating. And I hope the weather stays just the way it is!

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