Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Until Next Time……

So today is my last day in Palo Alto. I fly out tomorrow and I can def say I am a little bummed. Although it will be nice to get back and log some time on my bike, since I haven’t ridden in about a week. I called the bike shop and she is all ready to be picked up after a much needed tune up. And I am going to take her out for a nice 3 hour ride on Saturday. I have decided to go by myself only because I need to focus a bit more on my riding and not on whomever else is with me. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like having a riding partner, but sometimes it is just hard to find someone that matches you perfectly. For instance one day I went on a 3 hour ride and I think I crossed into Zone 1 twice. That means 3 hours wasted in ZR! Annoying right? So on Saturday I will head out on my first solo ride of the season with my bf on speed dial for any mishaps that may occur.

As for the rest of my time here, well let’s see, since I decided to log some time on the elliptical yesterday and watch Millionaire Matchmaker and The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I didn’t quite make it to the pool. So tonight it is pool for some TT stuff, run then dinner at this great sushi place I found. Then tomorrow will be early morning hill bounding and off to the airport to return my go-cart and head back to NJ. I can say that I am a bit excited to go back for the things I miss, but if I could bring the things I miss here, then I wouldn’t really need to go home right? I wouldn’t put it past us to eventually end up out here. Or at least I can hope!

See you all in a different time zone!

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