Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why Can't Every Weekend be 3 Days and Every Work Week be 4?

First and foremost, Happy Memorial Day (a few days late)! I love long weekends almost as much as I love weeks off! This weekend seemed extra long because we had so much to do. On Saturday, due to the threat of rain I did my ride on the trainer (BOOOOO!!!). It was a 3:20 zone 1/zone 2 ride followed by a 30 minute transition run. Even though I did it on the trainer I felt great when I was done. But I came back with only enough time to shower, pack and hit the road! It was off to wedding central.

We had a Saturday night rehearsal dinner followed by a Sunday afternoon wedding of two good friends from Baltimore. It turned out to be beautiful day and fantastic wedding. We partied until the wee hours of the morning and then headed to bed. Now, because I have been living in hotels for the past two weeks, I demanded and early morning departure so I could get home and sit by the pool. Although it was painful we did it and also pulled off our Memorial Day BBQ without a hitch!

Tuesday came too quickly with more workouts. After a full day of work I did some tabata drills on my bike. Here is the set:

20 min ZR (easy enough)
8x (20 seconds best sustainable effort, 10 seconds rest) (by the time I hit 6 times through this, the cursing begins)
20 min ZR

I then added on another 30 min of Zone R that I missed last week. After that, you would think I would be spent, but instead I was wired and proceeded to cook dinner (yummy chicken sausages and whole wheat pasta salad)and then cleaned the entire house. Then passed right out.

Today started with my favorite swim algebra equation:

500 continuous @ TT+10
Main Set:
4 X ((3 X 100 all out with paddles (no buoy) on TT + 10 sec), 200 easy pull (buoy, no paddles))
2 X 200 Pull on TT+10 swam at TT+5

That is one of the ones that just kill me! I basically feel like if I try to lift my arms above my head within an hour after I finish they might fall off. (not sure why I would be doing that, maybe while riding a roller coaster?) You get the picture, my freakin arms are tired!

Tonight is 2 hours or BSTs on the bike and the dinner with my mom. Dad is back in California so she is stir crazy and wanting some companionship, so I will take a free dinner and some conversation it if makes her happy! Till tomorrow......

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