Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Just Keep Going, One Foot Right In Front of The Other

Well that has been the theme for today that is for sure. I got out of bed at around 7am to get ready for the 1:20 Z1/Z2 run that I had to make up from Sunday. The one that I missed so I could eat way outside of my diet and lounge on my couch? Yup that one! So got up, ate a chocolate powerbar, had a cup of coffee and set on my way. It was 52 Minutes in Z1 and the rest in Z2. So I decided to do an out and back. I would run out the water in Hoboken, out to Port Liberty in Weehawken and back. And here we go! Into the wind? What? So here is the bizarre part on the way out I hovered at the top of Z1 into the wind, not hot at all, but at the top and mostly 2 beats into Zone 2. Then I reach my turn around, run 3 more minutes but now in Zone R (HUH?) and then try to get into Zone 2. Now with the wind at my back and the sun in my face, I can't reach Zone 2 if I tried! It must have been the fact that I had the wind to my advantage, but seriously it was hardly windy and who knew it made that much of a difference? I did manage to reach Zone 2 but with how beat I was from my spin classes I thought it might kill me!

By the time I was finished, I was dead tired and my legs were trashed. So I got home by 9am only to enter the busiest day at my job yet. I knew that I at least had a bike ride to get in before the end of the day and possibly another run. So I did the smart thing and rearranged my schedule a bit. I worked straight through the day only to stop to make a salad and some bbq chicken and then it all started again!

Back on the bike for a tempo ride at 6:00. It was a 1:30 Z1/Z2 ride and since I had my reader on the trainer with me I can say that it was bearable. But I can't lie, I finished up, logged my times and cracked open a beer. After the day I had I am lucky I didn't open all of the beers in the fridge. And now for the perfect ending to a crazy day, I plan to grill some tuna steaks and mushrooms, with a side of fresh avocado and sit on the porch and enjoy the last bit of day light.

Now one foot in front of the other to the patio.

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