Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Night on The Couch

So last night I spent the night on the couch. I know sounds scandalous doesn't it? Not really though. After hanging out and watching some tv after dinner, I made myself a protein shake, walked the dog and we all headed to bed like a nice happy family. I was sitting in bed watching the Kardashians (no judging!) and then it was lights out. All of a sudden I felt something on my arm, then again something on my face, then on my other arm. At this point I jump out of bed screaming "There is something in the bed! There is something in the bed!" And yes, there was something in the bed....ANTS!

Now before you go a judgin' and think I am some dirty person that would have a dirty enough room to attract ants, let me explain. I live on the ground floor on my condo complex and in mid May, the property managers laid down some new mulch. Within about 3 days, our apartment and the two above were infested with ants. So we all bought some Raid and went to town. Since then we have had about 3 more large outbreaks. We then realized the ants are living in the mulch outside of our bedroom and in the tree. So we got more ant killer. And last night before bed we sprayed it again. So We think maybe there were still some ants in the air conditioner and they had no choice but to come in. So after that and about and hour of spraying and freaking out I decided to hit the couch. And so we had a nice sleep over in the living room.

So all of these shenanigans made it super easy to get up and swim today! I was tired but I did it anyway. I got in a 1:20 swim and called it a work out. Tonight I am heading out for a dinner date with a friend. Some wine and oysters and I will forget all about the ants, at least until I get home!

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