Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Weekend

So the weekend of fun is upon us. Yesterday I turned the big 3-1. Yup, 31, one of those in between ages that really means nothing. But I turned it, so this weekend we will celebrate. Tomorrow I have a 3:45 Z1/Z2 ride followed by a T run and then I plan on sitting around the pool until people arrive. The bf has planned a fiesta themed party that will most likely begin with the World Cup game and end lord knows when. We are stocking the house with Margaritas, Rita's ice for spiking and chips and salsa. All in all it should be a pretty filling party!

Tonight I am going to head out after work and treat myself to some birthday clothing. I figure why not buy myself something nice to wear at the party and maybe a few other things just for fun! So me and my best friend are going to shop and enjoy some post shopping cocktails in celebration of my week. And then it will be off to bed somewhat early so I can get out on the road before the early morning rush of bikers comes out.

Well everyone have a wonderful weekend.

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