Monday, June 7, 2010

The Three S's

No, not those three! My three, Spin, Swim and Spin! That is my Monday in a nut shell! This weekend was fantastic, I am sorry I didn't update, but I decided to stay away from technology all together! So it was nice and relaxing and full of great friends. I did run into a bit of a training snafu though. So on Saturday I woke up and it was hot, but not normal hot, heavy humid hot. It felt like I was being smothered by the air. Awful! So I didn't really think a 3 hour outdoor ride would be in my best interest! So for the first time in a long time I turned off the alarm, got back into my blanket cocoon and drifted right back off to sleep. GLORIOUS!

I got up around 9am (I know, it probably sounded like I was on my way to sleep until like 2pm from the last sentence, but hey 9am is late for me!) and made some fresh fruit salad and coffee, then hopped on the bike. I did my 45 minutes of Tabata drills with 8 x (20 sec BSE and 10 sec rest) smack dab in the middle and then headed out for a surprisingly short T run of 39 min. And damn was it hot. I got back, after having to run at a snails pace to keep myself in Z1, drenched. Drenched with a purple face! My face normally doesn't even turn red usually when I run if that gives you an idea of where I was at!

I got back, grabbed my gatorade and went out to lay next to the pool and soak my legs. And not gonna lie, throw in a few costume changes, a few meals and some visits from friends, and that was my weekend in a nutshell!

So other than that work out, I decided, with the help of a friend, to plant all of the flowers we had bought for our apt complex. With two people it took about 2 hours, but it was well worth it, we spruced the place up a bunch! Then it was more food and more sleep.

When I got up on Sunday, I noticed a weird spasm in my lower left side of my back. Now I never say things like "I am getting old" but I think it might be happening! EEEK! After two hours of bending and planting I was in pain the next day. So I made an executive decision and decided that getting on the bike was not happening. Instead, I took the dog out for one of two 40 minute walks and headed back to the pool to rest and read. After a few hours of peace and quiet I went into the house veg and wait for that horrific storm we were supposed to get. Not so much! We got about 5 minutes of rain and then some more sunshine. So we headed out for another walk with the pooch, grabbed some water ice and a doggy ice cream cup (Yup Rita's has a little cup of custard with a dog bone in it for your four legged water ice buddy!) for the dog (she loved it!) and headed back home to call it a night.

So back to the SSS combo. I have two S's down, and I have one to go! I haven't taught spin in two weeks due to my business trip and Memorial Day, so I actually don't mind that I have to do it tonight. Then I have some chicken sausage and sauteed spinach and mushrooms on the menu for tonight and another early night.

But for now it is a few more hours of work.....

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