Thursday, June 10, 2010

Riding for Fun

This morning, I got up at 5am, got into my biking gear and met my friend, who is just starting to bike and we went on a bike ride. Yup a bike ride, like for fun. What is that you say? Oh it is what people do leisurely, not sweating, eating cubes and gus and drinking Gatorade. Just pedaling, looking around and talking. And you know what? It was fun! See my friend just got a hibrid bike last October and she hasn't gone many places on it, so we decided to ride up to the park where I usually ride and then ride back along the Hudson. We left at 5:30 with no traffic on the main roads and got to the park with some challenging climbs in the mix. Then we spent a little time in the park and then headed back.

On our way back I realized that there was a lot more traffic, so we decided to go really scenic and ride along the water. We checked out condos and boats and made it back to Hoboken in about 2 hours. And then she said the best thing ever. When I went to say goodbye she said "Thanks so much for taking me. I feel great now, like I can conquer the world!" And right then and there I the addiction begins, she will have a road bike in no time! So maybe I will have a new riding partner in the next few months. But in the mean time, I should probably go out and ride for fun a bit, it might make training more enjoyable.

So since I didn't get the hard ride in during the day I had to put the bike on the trainer and get busy. I got back, refilled my Gatorade, ate a powerbar and then it I faced my 1:30 tempo ride. It went a little like this:

20 min ZR/Z1 (I chose zone 1 because I was feeling good)
2 x (20 min Z2, 5 min Z1)
20 min ZR/Z1 (My heart chose Z1)

When I got done I felt great. I saved my hill bounding for tomorrow at work. For some reason I like to hill bound at lunch on Fridays. Maybe because it splits up the day.

As for tonight, the bf is back home after a week away and we are heading out for some cocktails. But not too many because I have an early morning swim on the horizon.

Talk to you manana!!

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