Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It’s Cinco de Mayo, Can’t we All Just Sit Back and Have a Margarita?

Well we all know the answer to that is no! As triathletes we have other things to do. Mainly we most likely have to swim bike and/ or run at some point during the day. And if your life is anything like mine at this point, you probably also have to do some laundry, shave your legs spend time with loved ones and get at least a few hours sleep right? So where do I fit in my margarita!?!? I don’t! Maybe I will just drink a sprite zero with lime and pretend instead.

Seeing as we are leading up to the first almost Half Ironman of the season, which also doubles as my first tri of the season, training is at least a little lighter this week than normal, so I have been able to rearrange some of my work outs to work better with my new schedule, o f no lunch work outs. Tonight I have a real quick ZR ride for 45 and ZR run for 32. These little excursions are more annoying than anything if you ask me. The Zone R run is my new arch nemesis; it is like sleep walking through town. So maybe tonight I will use the treadmill and watch some tv while I stroll.

I also moved my swim until tomorrow so I can spend some time with the bf before he leaves on business next week, so I will conquer that in the morning. Other than that, my Wednesday is just the average day, except with a hankering for a rita! So if you get the chance to have one tonight, pour a little out for the girl on the treadmill. Yup, that one, the one who looks like she is pretending to run but is actually just walking with a hop to stay in Zone R.


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