Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going, Going, Back, Back To Cali

So, I have relocated to the West Coast for the next week. I am here for training for my new job and I am loving it. The weather here is great and ideal for training, so I am hoping to start that tonight!

I got up yesterday morning ran a quick 45 min in Zone 1, said goodbye to the bf and pooch and heading to the airport. By the time I got here, hit a Trader Joe’s for fruit and snacks and settled into my new home, it was my east coast bedtime. The big problem with that is that while it was my east coast bed time, the sun was still our here! So I tried my hardest to stay awake and watch some tv before passing out. Well it wasn’t a complete failure, but it wasn’t a success either. I think I made it until about 8:30pst but then I was out like a light. Then 4am arrives, and I was wide awake, sitting in my bed and cursing that although I was awake, I wasn’t awake enough to work out! Doh!

But tonight will be different. I am going to hit a local pool, eat dinner and then hit the treadmill for some speed work. Then I figure I will be totally ready to crash. If I don’t crash during the run!

The only issue I am having is with food. Like I said, I got some good snacks at Trader Joe’s and I also brought some bars along as well. I just didn’t see anything that I really want to eat while I am here. I am thinking I may take a trip into Palo Alto tonight for food, so maybe I can find something there. Last night I decided on sushi and boy was I in for a surprise! I ordered fatty tuna for the first time. I made it through one disgustingly oily bite and had to bail on it. I mean I took a bite and my mouth filled with oil. Ok even thinking about it now is giving me the urge to vomit. Awful right? So maybe tonight I will try Mexican or Thai.

Other than that training and life are the same, just a bit sunnier on the west coast!

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