Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You May as Well Just Call it Monday #2

It seems like I am just starting my Monday all over again. Besides the whole getting up and going to work like I do everyday, which I honestly don't mind, but today again is work, swim and spin. I decided that since this month seems like it is going to be an expensive one, with all of the business trips and weddings that I would take every opportunity I could to make some extra cash. So tonight we spin again!

The fun part is that today is my best friends birthday, and after spin we are heading out for a nice dinner and some cocktails. Although lately with the way I am feeling maybe skip the cocktails and opt for some frozen yogurt? Lately my sweet tooth is out of control! Exhibit A: the bag of peanut butter m&ms I bought yesterday. The funny thing is, I only eat like 3 at a time, so guests usually end up devouring them before I get a chance to over indulge.

Anywho, today at lunch I am going to squeeze in a nice Z1 run and some birthday present shopping and then I should be ready to go tonight. I am also speaking with my dietitian about the fact that I have not lost a pound since I started training. I am moving faster, I am getting PR's but I am not losing weight! Talk about frustrating! So we shall see what she comes back with.

Now it is off to work, enjoy your Tuesday. Hopefully yours isn't as humid and sticky as ours looks like it is going to be!

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