Thursday, April 7, 2011

Ahhh Recovery Week

There is something about recovery week that makes me feel really productive. It might be that I can get up the same time I would during a normal week and get all of my workouts in before work, or that I can use these weeks to go out to dinner and catch up with friends. But I like it!

Last night I met a friend out and we stuffed ourselves full of mussels. We sat had a good glass of Shiraz and ate and talked for a few hours before I headed back to Hoboken full and happy. I got up this morning, feeling great, and settled in for a 1:00 Z1/Z2 ride, spending the first 30 min in Z1 and the 2nd half in Z2. Then I headed out for quick ZR T run and I can say, maybe it is because my Z1 pace is so much faster this year, so I know I am accomplishing something, I didn't mind the slowness of Zone R. I did have to walk a few times after running up a few hills, but only to bring myself back to the zone to start running again.

After my run I hit the showers and started my work day. Tonight, since I am done working out already, I am going to meet up with another good friend, and old coworker. We are meeting up for a cocktail before I head home. The funny thing for me is that going out after work used to be such a normal thing, but since I have completely cut back on my alcohol consumption to maybe 1 glass of wine a week, I feel like a party animal this week! Look at me all wild! Ha!

I will be back again tomorrow with another day of Recovery work outs. Gotta enjoy it while I can, race season is right around the corner!

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