Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday Morning Sprint Tri

So now that my post race bliss is beginning to fade, it is back to training so I can revisit that feeling again after my first tri in May. Tonight I am heading out for a delicious dinner of mussels and other fantastic seafood and so I had to get all of my workouts done this morning.

I got up around 5:30am to begin my Wednesday morning triathlon. I hit the pool for a 30 min steady swim, then walked home (we will call this T1), to get on my bike for a quick 45 min ZR ride. After already burning through my 2 Newton morning snack, I ate a granola bar while reading and pedaling away in my living room. After my ride, it was off to change for my 35 min Z1/Z2 run (this can be T2 for arguments sake). I was to start in Z1 and push to Z2 depending on how I was feeling. I ran about 10 min at the top of Z1 then headed into Z2. I averaged a HR 1 beat over Z1 along with 9:02 miles.

Now in terms of how I was feeling, I felt ok. I mean the swim and bike were fine and the run had it's moments but all in all I was ok. My hamstrings are still a little sore and I can feel them mostly when I climb, but other than that, I am pretty much recovered from Saturday.

With my morning triathlon complete, I hit the showers and headed into work. I am looking forward to some delicious food tonight and great company, along with some pre-dinner shopping. I am on the hunt for some shorter running spandex. I find that now that I have lost a bit of weight, my shorts ride up and essentially become shorter shorts, which seem to be more comfortable for me to run in. So I figure, why not just buy the new ones? Justifying purchases again! Ok fine, fuck it, I just want to go shopping!

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