Friday, April 1, 2011

Working on My Game Face

So tomorrow will be my first half marathon of the season. And as always when I do my yearly April half marathon, the weather is supposed to be shit. I swear I have no luck with racing in the beginning of April! Two years ago it was like 95 degrees, last year it was cold and pouring and this year they are calling for rain and snow! Global warming much?

But I digress. I spoke to Coach P and he has set up my race plan. And now I get to work on my own plan, although I am not sure if that is how is it supposed to work, oh well! I figure I will follow his race plan to the second, but after mile 7 or 8 if I am feeling good, I am going to try to pick it up just a tiny bit. And then by mile 12 I want that last mile to feel like it has to be the last. That is where I usually end up being too conservative, so tomorrow I will try to really break that conservative streak.

Now I am off to set up my race nutrition plan and carb load. Have a great weekend!

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