Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No More Snot....PLEASE!!!!

So after spending the weekend training and blowing my nose, I feel like my head and sinuses are finally starting to clear up. Which is good because I already ran out of tissues and toilet paper once this week. Last weekend was a heavy training weekend. I got in 3:24 Z1/Z2 ride on the bike and a 30 min Z1 T run on Saturday. Ok well actually I did a 3:24 Z1 ride, having not realized that it was a Z1/Z2 ride until I logged my HR. But the odd thing, and I am not sure if this had to do with my meds or not, I was at the bottom of Z1, the entire time. But this was not by choice. I could not get my HR up and keep it up for the life of me. So I am going to chalk that up to begin sick and move on.

On Sunday I had a 1:00 Tabata Drill set followed by a 1:45 Z1/Z2 run. Now on Sunday the opposite occur ed, I could not stay in Z1 if I tried, I was about 5 beats into Z2almost the entire time. I came in at about 9:43 min/miles, which for me, right now, is kinda slow. Again, this also goes with being sick and only being able to breath through my mouth the entire time.

This week I get to taper, but only a tiiiiiny bit as I gear up for my first Half Marathon of the season. I am running 13.1 in Queens on Saturday, and although I know I am ready, since I ran approx 11 miles this weekend without any trouble, I still feel like I need a solid game plan. This year I am ready to kick my own ass, but I need a well laid out plan to do it. I just don't think I have the best long distance plan other than, go with what you feel. I mean come on, it has to be more scientific than that! So I am turning to Coach P for the answers and I am sure he will come through with something fantastic.

Other than that, I am just happy that I am starting to feel better. Hopefully I will be in tip-top shape for Saturday morning and then I can spend the rest of the day on the couch!

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