Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I Surrender....

Today I woke up at 3am for a French event I had to monitor. After stumbling out of bed with some sore quads, I started my coffee and the event and decided that since I was just monitoring the event and had nothing else to do that I would begin my morning work out after the webcast was over. Now usually I would just go back to bed, but hey, when you are crazy you are crazy. So I just embraced the crazy, made a pot of coffee and got ready for my BST set.

Once my event was over I hopped on the bike for the following set:

15 min ZR/Z1- I should have known right here something was wrong when this was challenging
3 X (10 min interval @ 55-60 RPM, 4 min easy recovery @ 90 rpm)- The first one of these was hard but then I really felt like I was warming up
3 X (1 min @ 105+ RPM, 1 min @ 90 RPM easy recovery for both)- By the 3rd one of these I was cursing and quite unhappy
15 min- ZR- Getting verrry sleeeepy

After my cool down I was supposed to head out for a 20 min T run, and I really wanted to, but my legs did not. Did not, as in would not. I surrendered to the fantasty and made the executive decision to not run, but instead to shower and lay in bed.

I am not sure what happened to make the run impossible, but I can only think of two things that might have caused this:
1) Getting up so early and doing the workout while extremely tired
2) The after effects of my 7pm spin class

It really could be either to be honest. I am glad that I have nothing to do tonight. Well nothing in terms of excercise. I do have a work dinner I have to attend, but I plan on that being a quick event for me considering the early wake up. Then tomorrow I will be back at hill bounding bright and early for day #4 of my early workout week.

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