Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Pinch of Swimming, a Dash of Biking, Add Back in a Tiny Bit of Running.....

And I am back to regular training!! I got the go ahead to start running again. After a week of just biking and swimming, I am allowed to start pounding the pavement again and I couldn't be happier. I mean if last week had been in anyway a break I might be sad, but since we just took the running hours and tacked them onto my bike for the week and I worked just as hard, I am happy to add some variety back in. We are starting small of course, but my foot is feeling great, and I am ready to go. I was getting a little nervous since my first half marathon is in 2 weeks. And man, do I have some lofty goals for that one!

But I digress, this week so far has been filled with swimming, spinnning classes and biking so far. Yesterday I had a crazy work day with events in Europe starting at 3am, so I had to move my bike/run combo to today, because I really just didn't have the energy when 2pm came and I was only running on 4 hours of sleep. So today after work, I will bike and run then hit the pool for the "Big Set" (insert intimidating music here.

What I am really looking forward to is this weekend. On Friday I leave for a weekend in Chicago with two of my best friends and their families. Having gone to school in the Midwest, I need to get a good dosage of it at least twice a year and as a result of my accident was unable to get out there when my best friend had her baby. So I will be spending the weekend at my friends house bonding with baby and getting in some much needed girl time. The great part is, one of my friends is also a runner so I am going to revisit some of the Chicago Triathlon course and get in some running time.

But for now it is off to the office to deal with all things work, only to return here for all things work-out. Happy Hump Day!

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