Thursday, March 10, 2011

Me Stubborn? Really?

As the foot is getting better, I feel the need to push myself more, so I do. Today I had a 2:00 Z1/Z2 ride and was to ride based on how I felt. Well I felt like I needed to kick my own ass, so I did. I managed to work into Z2 in the first 30 minutes and then hold it for the last 1:30. I ranged from mid to low Zone 2 but the goal was just to keep in it. Usually, since I am riding on a trainer, I take my time and divide it by 1.2 and then ride that amount of time, since my resistance is steady on the trainer. Again, I took the hard road and kept on pedaling for the full 2:00 hours. I figured since I am not running I had to do something.

Well, I got off the bike completely drenched and hopped in the shower, but not before doing my weekly weigh in. And I came in 2.5 pounds lighter than last week! So I stepped off the scale, reset it and got back on. Still 2.5 pounds lighter, so I did it again and there it is, 2.5 pounds gone. But me being me, I decided I am not going to record this weight quite yet. I am going to check it again tomorrow morning just to make sure my scale isn't being mean and toying with my emotions! Stubborn much? Nah!!

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