Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Playing a Game of Catch-up

My weekend in Chicago seemed to just fly by. I had a fantastic time with my friends and loved meeting all the babies, that I haven't had the chance to meet in the past year. Yes, there are quite a few! I had intended on going for my 1:30 Z1 run on Sunday but we woke up to some nasty thunderstorms. Considering my planned route was Lakeshore Drive, I decided to go to brunch in lieu of being struck by lightening. After my fun filled stress free weekend, I headed back to NJ on Sunday night and arrived home and ready for bed around 11pm.

Monday morning, much like every Monday started with my spin class. And to my surprise it was packed. For the first time, maybe ever, I had a class of around 14 people. I deduced that with the start of Spring people may be realizing that we are nearing the time that we will have to start taking layers of clothes off and that there won't be much to hide behind in the next few months. Either way, it was a great class. But due to my travel schedule, after class, I went right back to the apartment, showered and crashed until my first call of the morning. Not something I usually do, but in this case I had to.

I then headed into the city to work for a few hours and then back home, fully knowing I had to make up the 1:30 run. Seeing as the rain had finally reached NJ I headed to the gym to run on the treadmill. Surprisingly stayed in Zone 1 and held onto 9:27 pace the entire time. The last half hour I held between a 9:31 and 9:41, with my heart rate hovering at the top or slightly over Z1. But there was one issue I didn't fully consider before my run. I decided to eat a banana nut bran muffin and small coffee prior to my run for some energy. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL! I got off the treadmill and my stomach made me pay for every step. Ooooofa!

After dealing with an angry belly I then still had to hop in the pool for a quick 30 min Zone R swim. So there I went, and man was I tired. But I made myself do it, just so I didn't have to move it to today and try to catch up again! After that it was home, dinner and bed so I could get up today for my 50 min ZR ride followed by Descending 100s in the pool.

This morning's workout went smoothly and I am trying for a successful 5 day early workout week. I am trying to get myself into the habit so let's see how this goes!

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