Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Love/Hate Relationship

This morning, I got up nice and early to head to the pool. I had a Catch Drill Set to complete and it required me dealing with my nemesis, the paddles. (insert intense music here). I got there and got in the pool for my 50 fist, 50 free warm up set and my brain started going. I was in the middle of two people swimming. On my right was a nice old lady swimming in one of those vintage bathing caps with the chin strap and large rubber flowers, also wearing some nice big sunglasses. And on my left was a guy in what looked like tri-shorts doing what seemed to be drills, which will be later referenced as tidal wave drills. I wondered what they were thinking watching me while I punched the water for a bit and thought about what I would think if I saw this. Then I realized I really didn't care, and I got down to business.

Next I had 6 x 100 paddle (no buoy) sets with 5 seconds of rest in between each. Each 100 I cursed my paddles more and more. I mean, I know they are good for me, but man do I hate them when I am using them. It is kinda like taking vitamins to me. I hate the gross taste, but the outcome is positive. Right? Well not really, because vitamins don't make is so it is a challenge to lift my arms throughout the day. So maybe a bad comparison? I tried!

As I paddled my way through the 600 the tidal waves began. I could sense the guy in the tri-shorts coming from a mile away, I mean how do you even make waves that big in such a small pool. But really all I could do was laugh because it turned out just like a simulated race swim, with me trying to not swallow all the water in the pool each time I turned to breathe. So thank you tidal wave tri-short man!

After I completed my paddle set, I moved onto 8 x 25 all out, and surprisingly I didn't mind, I only think that is because I got rid of the paddles. I finished up with 3 x 100 kick and then 200 Freestyle and I was off the steam room.

Tonight I will also get in a quick 1:30 ZR ride before heading to Madison Square Garden to watch some college basketball.

Is this week over yet? I want to get back to running!

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