Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Missing Legs....If Found, Please Contact....

Well I made it through yesterday's workouts, although at the end it got a bit messy when I thought my legs were going to just stop working during teaching, but I did it! By the time I got home I was so hyper from all of the exercising I thought Nick was going to try to put me on the back porch like we do to the dog when she needs to calm down. Luckily I was kept inside instead!

I got up this morning for a 1:30 Zone R ride followed by a 45 min Z1/Z2 run. When I got up to do this ride, I had a nice discovery, while I my body was wide awake last night apparently my brain was dead asleep. My coffee pot tried to make coffee, but it is kinda hard to do with only coffee grounds and no water! So now I had to add water and actually make the coffee. So that bought me some more time before I had to start working out.

I made it through what I thought was about 3 hours of the 1:30 ride, when I checked the time and it had only been 50 minutes. That is when I knew I might be in a little bit of trouble. I still had 40 min left on the bike and a run and I was really feeling it. I made it through the ride and had a minor mishap when my legs almost gave out during my dismount, changed my clothes and headed out for my run. The first 25 min weren't too bad. It was around 30 minutes, that I felt like my run had been reduced to walking with only my heart rate buying into the running thing.

Oddly, I still came in at 9:15 min/miles, so I am thinking maybe I wasn't running as slow as I thought I was? Who knows, but man was I happy to be done. Now only one more day of work and 2 workouts to go before I head to Sarasota to tear up the town for the weekend. Please make this day go fast!!!!

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