Monday, April 11, 2011

Recovery? In More Ways Than One

So Nick had yet another bachelor party this past weekend, this time up in Canada, so I was left to my own devices for the second weekend in a row. I had a plan to spend Friday night in eating sushi after my spin class and then run some errands and play with my dog on Saturday, since it is recovery week and I had Saturday off.

Friday before my spin class I decided to clean the house before leaving so I would literally come back to the house with nothing to do but eat and watch tv. As I was putting away the dishes, a Pyrex casserole dish fell out of one of the lower cabinets turned sideways and landed on the top of my foot. I sat down on the ground without saying a word, and just held onto my foot. I felt like a little kid, when they are in that moment right before they start screaming crying just standing there with their mouth open. Yeah that was me, on the floor holding my foot with my mouth open. Then I remembered I was an adult and so I started screaming and cursing to try and remedy the situation. Once I realized I could still move most of my toes, I hobbled over to the couch with an ice pack and starting icing away. Here is my foot right after it happened:

With a sore foot I managed to get in my 45 minute class and then I nursed the injury with tons of sushi and some crap tv.

Saturday morning I was up nice and early and it was nice out. I started thinking about riding outside and what was stopping me from doing it. I came up with the two main reasons. One, I did not have a helmet, since my head destroyed the last one and two, I was scared. So I decided to fix the first problem since it was the easiest to deal with and I headed out to the bike shop to pick up a new helmet. With the trip a success I figure I am going to leave the helmet around the house for the next week and maybe seeing it all the time will help me deal with the courage issue. When I brought it home, Hailey decided to test it out for me, and per her testing, she thinks I should be all set to ride.

The rest of the weekend Hailey (sans helmet) and I sat around watched bad girly flicks and went on some walks. I finished up the weekend with a 1:55 Z1/Z2 ride followed by a 40min Z1/Z2 run. Then I cooked a fantastic vegetarian meal for dinner and waited for Nick to get home.

This week it is back to the grindstone. And I must admit, as much as I love me some recovery, I am glad to be back to working hard again this week.

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