Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3 Day Streak

I am on a 3 day streak of getting up early to work out. I just have to get out of bed for 2 more days at 5:30am to make it to my day to sleep in! Very exciting indeed! Tomorrow I am going to go back to strength training. I feel like that is the one thing my work out and my flabby arms are lacking. So I am going to work my way back into it. But as I am sure all of you who are training know, it is so hard to another yet another thing to your workout schedule. I mean, I would love to get back into pilates or try to get into yoga, but when would I do it? So I will just have to settle for a quick 45 min strength training class once a week and then try to get in one more day of weights. Maybe at lunch? Who knows! Buy it has to happen! Maybe that will finally kick start some freakin weight loss here!

So since I am racing this weekend, I don't have a long ride and run on Saturday, which if I could do a back flip, I would. But I do have a race and then a quick run and ride on Sunday. I am considering doing the run and ride on Saturday just to get it out of the way. I figure they are short, so I don't think they will effect my race on Sunday. So then after I am done on Sunday, I can head home, go to brunch (my favorite meal!) and then relax. So the plan is, sleep in then get that hour out of the way on Saturday so I can be lazy after the race on Sunday.

Oh and one last thing...Any thoughts on Spinerval dvds? I am interested in purchasing some, but which ones should I purchase? Thoughts? Any input would be very helpful.

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