Friday, July 9, 2010

Pre Race Jitters

So with Providence 70.3 two days away, my pre race jitters are at an all time high, while my confidence has swooped to quite a low. I really can’t remember, but I think I was a bit calmer last year at this time, but this year I keep worrying that I am not prepared. In reality I did a race that was a little shorter in length in May and I did fine, so I should really not be worried, but that is easier said than done. But enough on the negative let’s get to the positive!

Today I got up for my swim and was literally half asleep. Have you ever had that happen. I mean I don’t remember eating my breakfast before I left, but I know I did. But once I was in the pool I was feeling pretty good. Then I came home and started packing. I love to do this when no one is around in my house because it require a ton of talking to myself. I set up T1 and T2 in my living room and I walk myself through the race out loud. It goes a little something like, “I get out of the water, I take off my wetsuit, put on my socks, cleats…etc” and as I walk through the steps I point to what I need to put on. Odd? Maybe. Calming? Definitely!

So that is about all for me. I will hit the expo in the morning and then try and catch a movie in the afternoon and the on Sunday, it’s on! Wish me luck!!

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