Thursday, July 8, 2010

Countdown to Providence 70.3

Ok so it is a pretty short countdown considering the race is on Sunday! Here's to hoping I don't melt and because part of Brown University's campus streets. Heh! Ok, kidding aside, I really hope the heat dies down a bit.

In preparation for this weekends race I decided to do Saturday's ride and run a bit later to see if I could withstand the heat. Let me tell you, there were a few climbs where I thought I might die and one where I just wanted to get off the bike and take a quick cat nap to regain some energy, but I did it and got a nice sun burn while I was at it. The only thing is due to the heat by Z1/Z2 ride was more like a Z2/Z3/Z4/Z-almost pass out ride. There was no way with that heat that I would have any chance to be in Z1, so I just pushed on through!

After the ride, I stopped at home and threw on my running shorts and a visor and managed to somehow convince my boyfriend to come run with me for 30 minutes in 95 degree weather. As I left my apartment, I heard from the pool, "Wait now you are going running too?" to which I just shook my head and thought "I know, I know, you don't get it. Most people can't wrap their head around it. Sometimes I also fall into that category." and then off we went.

Now the run was supposed to be an easy 30 minute Z1 run. Well within the first few minutes something felt weird. On the bike I had drank 3.5 water bottles of watered down gatorade and I thought I was hydrated, well once I got out on the run, I realized that I didn't really feel like I was. I was slow and heavy and couldn't focus and my heart rate was up in Z3. So we proceed to do a nice 30 min walk/jog/walk pattern and oddly enough even though I felt like I was crawling, I did maintain a 10:10 pace. Which is slow for me in Z1, but still a lot faster than I thought it was.

The rest of weekend went like this: work out, bbq, pool, workout, cocktails, bbq, in bed early. And I have to say it was a great weekend. Then I headed into quite a busy 4 day work week.

I have had two days of non-stop conference calls followed by some late night work outs. I feel like lately with the 102 degree weather, you can only get a decent run in after 9pm so that has been my life. I got up nice and early this morning for a 30 min steady swim, where the first 800 dragged on as if I had never swam before and I had to make sure to pick it up on the 2nd.

Tonight I have a ride and T run and I decided in order to keep myself motivated that I would leave my clothes at the gym. Kinda like dropping an anchor somewhere, so I have to go back and pick it up in order to move onto my work out tomorrow.

Then I begin a bit of a taper and get ready for Providence. I am not quite sure how I feel about the race yet, so I will save those thoughts for tomorrow. Now I am off to eat some cottage cheese and fruit.

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