Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's Time to Get Back On The Horse...Well Maybe the Pony for This Week

So my lazy days are done, I have to get back to training today. Since all I have done is a tiny bit of spinning in the last 2 days, now I have to get back on my bike, chafed ass and all. Tonight I am going to get in a nice 50 min recovery ride. While doing that I need to work on my mental game. I have think I have the remainder of my tri season planned out and now I just need to get my mind back into shape.

It seems that everyone is in a bit of a funk lately, so I don't feel that bad for not wanting to do anything. But I will force my way right back into it all. I am thinking about also adding in some weight lifting classes into my schedule. You know, since I have so much free time! I am thinking twice a week should work. We shall see.

Other than that I am enjoying the last few hours of laziness and then it back into the swing of things.

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