Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Fun

So I woke up a bit sore this morning from my impromptu massage appointment last night. And the weird thing is that it really wasn't even a normal massage. I went to someone new because I made a last minute appointment, (after the week I have had at work, it was necessary) so the woman I got gave me more a rub than a massage. (Sounds kinda pervey doesn't it!) I mean she didn't dig into my muscles she just kinda rubbed them. So I am not sure how I woke up so sore, but I did so I am dealing.

After a few mind numbing hours at work I decided to go Hill Bounding on my lunch break. Oh the joy! After a 25 Z1 warm up I started the bounding process, but since I work in a relatively flat section of NY I had to bound on a treadmill. So basically, I turn the incline as high as it can go and slow my pace and run for 1 minute uphill, then I bring the incline back to zero, bring up my pace and run for 3 minutes. So 7 intervals later I was shot, only to finish up with another 25 min cool down. Then I threw on my clothes, sans shower, I don't really see anyone during the day so I don't care if I am bit sweaty for the afternoon, and headed back to the office.

Tonight is a night of relaxation and no thinking, and I am looking forward to it. I have a 1:20 ride and then we are cooking chicken bruschetta and pasta and watching TV all night and hanging with the pooch. I am not sure if I have mentioned her before. I have a 5 year old Pit Bull mix that I rescued 4 years ago. She is a sweet heart and phenomenal cuddler. Just what I need after a long week at work.

I have tons of workouts this weekend including all three sports and I am adding in steaming as the fourth sport. It is my reward as long as I get everything else done. So I am looking forward to weekend of protein bars and recovery drinks, and no joke, this weekend I am actually looking forward to it.

So I hope you all have a great weekend and enjoy a few days to relax and enjoy!

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